Monday, April 27, 2009


We had a great weekend! friday I took Sereele for a walk alone again and she was much much better. no screaming at all. nervous, but good. just went to rainville's field and let her eat the lush grass and she was very happy. on the way back Wickstrom's had their big white sign out and she almost fell to the ground in fear, but we made it past, it didn't eat her. the next day chris and I did the 7 mile loop! I led her past rainvilles who were pulling logs out of the wood with their tractor (with the help of brave socks) and then up the street a little and got on. she was afraid of all the little "elect so and so" signs so was in the middle of the road alot. we trotted some on the side and socks went first into the dirt road. I asked chris to trot slowly, but socks wanted to either gallop or shuffle, so I passed and she went first up the dirt road and only spooked once, and not a big deal. I really thought she would be scared of all the blind corners and scary logs. she continues to surprise me. we went down the trail, mostly walking with some trotting. when Sereele was first she was pulling to go faster, I had to half halt her alot:). when she was second she was tripping, have to work on her paying attention to the ground when following. we went through the ever growing private dump area and out to the street. I got off to lead her for a while and noticed socks was very sweaty, but sereele wasn't sweating at all. she was puffing though, oh no - anhidrosis! oh, socks is puffing too. but weird that she only sweated under her saddle. a little worried about it, it was our hottest day so far in the 80's. anyway walked for a mile or so and got back on and trotted some to get home. the 7 miles took over 2 hours. exhausting going so slow! poor Chris was wiped out - no sleep, very hot, long ride. figured I over did it with sereele so gave her the next day off (oh no! road founder and sprained suspensories!) and it ended up that chris had to go into work anyway. so sunday I led her up to rainvilles and she was good again, no screaming, but sort of unsettled and prancy on the way home. tonight I found a little black spot on her throat latch area. oh no - melanoma! chris and I have to lighten up, every little thing our horses do we are freaking out that they are dying. is sock's poop dry? he only drank 4 inches instead of 5 inches of water last night. he took a bad step. blah blah blah, we will soon drive each other insane. or we may have already arrived:) but I think we are having a pretty good trip anyway where ever we are headed.

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  1. Yes, ignorance was bliss.....SIGH....must take more Benedryl....or steal Elsie's Elavil..hee hee hee