Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sand Pits!!!!

Ok, so, I took the dogs for a walk down in the sand pits for CB last Friday. I forgot how nice it was there so my suggestion for the next ride was to go there. YIKES! All went pretty well. We went in from the trail off of Linden St. and on to the aquaducts and then the road and the dreaded railroad tracks. Aside from the deerflies (aka bugflies....apparently, I have renamed all species of blood sucking flies as such, hee hee) the ride wasn't bad. We got over the tracks and headed into the trail to the first water obstacle....the Jersey barrier barricaded river. Socks was a bit of a turd refusing to go down to the water but with some persistance and "the bat of truth" we got to the river. He snorted like a mad bull but walked through it nicely so Sereele wouldn't get upset.
Now to tackle the stone path up.......again, Socks was a bit of a turd (seems to be the word of this blog entry) and almost stepped in a hole but made it up. We went along the aquaduct nicely after that and then....over the river and into............the sand pits!
I forgot how much fun going through there was!!! I haven't been in there since I rode Zak! Both Socks and Sereele were excellent! There were a few parts where the "bugflies" got a bit nasty but other than that, we had fun. Towards the end, there must have been a nasty bugfly on Sereele as she hopped on one back leg and CB jumped off thinking something was caught on her leg. Such sensitive creatures we have.....(rolls eyes).
The ride back through the wooded side of the sand pit was fun and the trails are so nice. It took much less time on horseback than on foot with two dogs that's for sure!
The going home was much easier snorting like a freak at the river and NO TRAINS...YAY!
We did, however, run into a tight spot where a Verizon truck pulling a pole was coming up behind us. They were great and slowed down and passed us slowly. There are nice people in this world!!!!
We got back to the barn feeling great. Both our horses were awesome and now we have conquered the sand pits....time to go past those now to the unknown across the street!!!! Woo hoo....lofty goals that we will meet soon I hope!