Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We're almost through the first month!!!

Well, thankfully, January is almost done! Taz is healing very nicely and the cut is almost gone! YAY! Flash has come back to Massachusetts but is staying up near Orchard Hill to continue his training over the winter months with the use of the indoor.
Apparently, there has been some love lost between Taz and Socks. They don't seem to be hanging out nearly as much as they used to and Socks no longer cares if Taz goes in for dinner first. Hmmmm. Even Smokey hasn't been hanging out at the barn at night. He's missing out on his cookies!!!! Holly gets them all. However, she's working for them for sure. She's learned shake, shake the other paw, and down (all the way). Next, I think I'll see if she'll crawl....she's fun to play with while Carolyn changes out Taz's bandages.
Next month, Carolyn, Lisa, and I will be attending a roundpen clinic at Crimson Acres. It will give us something to do that's horsey related and hopefully teach us something. The "babies" will probably do well with it too.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I've made a new year's resolution to keep this going this time for sure!

So, new year's started off with a bang with Taz getting a cut on his fetlock that ended up being a lot worse than expected. It almost hit the bursa and the synovial fluid was "very angry". Luckily, with the help of Essex Equine, he is healing and VERY tired of small enclosures. We spend quality time changing leg wraps and/or bandages every night. He loves the fact that he gets copious amounts of hay stretcher when we do it. Poor Socks, Rio, and Pacino don't understand why this guy gets so many treats while they are "poor starving peasants locked in jail at night". (Those are their exact words to me!)
In other news, Flash has gone to Vermont for some bootcamp work. He's learning to use his back better and apparently is learning some driving as well....bonus! It will be interesting to see his progress when he returns to Longrun.
Socks is doing well in his new role of Big Brother since Zak has left us in 2014. He's not so sure how to be a boss but he's doing the best he can with what little knowledge he has of the boss role. He's been Taz's companion in his journey of healing from his stifle surgeries to the present day injury. He also was accompanying him on his jaunts out back for rehab. That was great as I got to ride as well. I've been VERY spoiled riding Alazon up at Orchard Hill. He and Debbie are amazing teachers and I've come along in my lessons thanks to them. I've also gained more confidence on my dear Socks.
Rio and Pacino are growing like weeds!!! Mr. P has hit the 15 hand mark and Rio is hot on his heels to catch up. He's not too far behind that's for sure. Both boys are looking much more mature now. The goofy little colt stage is pretty much behind them now. They hit the big 3 in the spring. Whoa, what happened to the little tots that ran around the yard?!?