Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More injuries to plague us!

So, it turns out that Survi has a suspensory injury and is stuck on small paddock turnout. Carolyn had Dr. Brett Gaby out to ultrasound and eventually do PRP with the hopes that Survi recovers quicker and with less scar tissue. Zak was Survi's original babysitter keeping the peace for a little bit anyway.....until Survi wanted to play more than Zak's old body could take which led Carolyn to separate the boys. Now, Zak has his own little paddock with Speedy and Toya behind him and Socks is by himself behind Survi which leads to the next little problem. Socks and Survi now play over the gates with each other and Socks even goes as far as pulling the pins out of the round pen panels!!!!! Bad boy! So, we had to make a space between the round pen and Socks so he won't do anything stupid or egg Survi on to do something stupid. ARGH. To add to the festivities, Socks somehow did something to his right eye and came in the other night squinting. An emergency call later, his eye is not scratched but he has to wear a fly mask for the week and get eye ointment in it for a week. Could we all just be healthy at the same time just once guys?!?!?!?!?!?