Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whirlwind of change!

Ok, so, really, really going to keep this blog up. I've been really bad at this! So, without further lapses in time, I need to introduce to you all Survivant! Legend decided that endurance wasn't his thing so he found a nice home with someone who wanted a reliable trail horse. Survivant is the horse that Carolyn had been looking at for years and he ended up being for sale again. It was fate that she was to get this guy!!!! Although he's 7, he hasn't been under saddle very long but is a very good boy about most things. Carolyn is pretty thrilled with him.
One little problem is that he's not a fan of the trailer. Carolyn had Bob Burelli come out and he indeed got him on the trailer but not really willingly so, taking a step back, she found another trainer willing to work on the ground with both her and her horse.......and me and Socks as well! =) Bryan (the trainer) has been doing Parelli with his horse for 6 years or so and although he isn't a certified trainer, he's been helping us gain some respect on the ground with our boys. We're learning so much about how we can work with the horses' instincts and it's actually fun to see results! Socks tends to push the the issue of how far he can avoid things a lot and Survi is pretty sensitive so he picks things up quickly. Both horses understand what is asked of them but need different levels to get the results needed. At any rate, we're seeing the horses become "better citizens" and it's fun to get things accomplished. I think it's time for me to learn how to upload some photos so this blog becomes a little more interesting to look at! ;-) Plus, we need an updated photo of the "new guy".