Friday, May 14, 2010

We've got to get better at this.....

Yup, we've got to be better at posting on here.....posts are so sporadic. Sunday, we're attempting a 10 mile ride in Pepperall. It will be the last "big" ride before our vacation in Vermont.....although, I'm not too sure how much relaxing I'm going to get with these three endurance women...ha ha ha. Socks is in pretty good shape and as much as I rag on his orange color and lack of paintings, he's a really nice looking horse. =) He's been having little belly aches lately, pretty sure it's the grass giving him cramps so on to a probiotic he went. If that doesn't work, my vet Dr. Heidi Williams has suggested some ulcer meds but to definately try the probiotic. It seemed to be working while he was on it anyhow.
Well, I hope to have a great post after Sunday's ride.