Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chester NH.......or Deliverance?

So, being the intrepid riders that we are, CB and I drove out to Chester NH for another trail ride. No time limit this time. =) Lou and Becca were supposed to come with us but wimped out. Ha ha ha! It was a cool and overcast day and actually started raining at a pretty good clip on our way there. Oh sure, what would it be without weird weather right? We (I) decided that the 9 mile ride was sufficient and we were off after partaking in the yummy coffee cakes they offered for breakfast. The way out to the trail was down a paved road....oh yay. We had to pass by a weird Tudor style house with a rusty rooster "statue" in the front yard...pretty scary.....had to go down a hill (on pavement) and finally we got to the trail. I was having deja vu big time since we got there and then CB realized that we had done this ride before as well. I rode Zak so that's how long ago it was. The initial trail was very rocky and we picked our way along. We trotted where we could....kind of like at home. Then, we came out to powerlines with equally rocky trails and turkey buzzards looming over us waiting.........bad sign. Finally, we came out to a dirt road and we tried to go but both horses were scared and nervous about going forward. UGH! Then there was more roadwork...oh yay......there were a few nice trails we hit and we both cantered on purpose when we could. YAY! Then, you guessed it, more roads....we had come to the fork where the ride split off and I really wanted to just get the 9 over with, my Wintec was leaving white spots on Socks's withers and I was in my dressage saddle that fit a bit better but not much. Again, more roads and we crossed over and saw that we were going back into the woods. It was a nice dirt trail and we kept going not seeing any more blue ribbons to tell us how to get back. We came to a 4-way dirt intersection and there were no markers to be had....we turned back and ran into a couple who thought we had to go straight through the intersection. Well, that brought us to a shooting range......NOT where we wanted to be. We all headed back and CB and I took a left and the guy of the couple rode right and the woman said she'd stick in the middle and whoever saw something first yell out. The guy found the way home, yay. So, between going back and forth and being lost, we probably did close to the 14 miles.....;-) We headed back and of course, it was on a roadway. Socks was very excited to head home and as we were trotting up the shoulder, he started to feel like he was paralyzed and dragging his back legs.....OH NO! Of course, he was fine except for a tree branch stuck to his tail. CB got it out and we made it back to the trailer in one piece. The kids got to graze on grass for a bit and then we got to eat too. They were the best hamburgers I'd ever had, as I was so hungry. We grabbed our cookies to go and headed home without looking back. CB said to remind her never to go to that ride, here it is....NEVER GO TO CHESTER NH again. The whole town was pretty scary itself......beautiful manicured lawns and houses with white trash hanging out on patio furniture....or the opposite, a trashy house with a brand new Challenger in the driveway. By far the weirdest thing we saw was the horse in a tiny turnout with an old Camaro with the doors off in the turnout with the horse and the water source was OUTSIDE of the electric tape. How was that animal supposed to drink?!?!? We also passed some small turnouts suitable for one or two horses with five or six of them in the lot!!!!! It was a trip at any rate......=)