Monday, January 25, 2010

Things that make you go $%^&*@#!!!!!

So, Saturday, CB and I decided to trek out on our steeds. It was a a beautiful and warm day so we were pretty happy to be able to feel our appendages before the ride. As we were going to into the woods that day, I decided to go bareback....who needs a saddle? We set out on the road towards the main trail. Both kids were pretty sedate and calm....awesome! I was pretty happy that Socks was being so "blah". However, that all ended when we plunged into the snow bank and into the trail. The beginning of the trail is a hill so naturally, both Sereele and Socks got all pumped up and started trotting rather fast....Socks and I actually cantered a bit before I reined him in. Ok, so the first hill is always exciting.....should be ok from here now. NOPE! Both horses were so pumped up for the rest of the ride. Socks was right behind Sereele which was totally aggravating her and she was swishing her tail and one time, actually bucked up at him. I didn't blame her though. Socks was like riding Zak all over again....sweaty, jigging, pulling, and running up behind the horse in front of him. UGH! We also jumped a small little stream and almost into a tree!!!!!! BAREBACK!!!!!!!!! I was bound and determined not to fall off this horse and not to lose any of my confidence that I have gained over the last year! CB had a hard time with Sereele, she was totally pumped and let out a few little bucks and was chomping the bit and pulling a little. Towards the end, they calmed down a little bit until we came to a very low branch. CB got off of Sereele and they went under and just barely cleared it. I slid off Socks and he ducked underneath the branch and made it. YAY! Now, I have to find something to boost myself back on my horse.....we walked down the trail and found a rock. Socks wouldn't stand next to it so I had a hard time sliding back on his back.....he was also pretty sweaty so sliding wasn't so easy......euw! Socks and I went first on the way back and he calmed down a lot....thank God! Once we hit the road, both horses turned back into the plow horses that they were pretending to be in the beginning of the ride before the trail. BRATS! We almost got to Maplewood and the kids across the street were in their homemade ice skating rink. I decided to call it a day and got off and walked Socks home and CB did the same. No sense pushing them anymore......UGH!
We survived!
Sunday, we went out again. We decided to do the 5 mile loop trailwork and stick to the road. Both horses were almost slug-like. Hmmmm, did we overdo it yesterday kids? Aside from some scary snowballs on the side of the road, Sereele was great and Socks was good as well. Guess we have to get out more and hopefully, by the spring, they'll be well behaved? SURE!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy New Year? Ok, so, going to shoot for a good one this year? My first maiden ride of the season was last Sunday when it was about 25 degrees out. What was I thinking when I thought that was "warm"?!? Oh well. I had my misgivings about was cold, I hadn't ridden Socks in over a month, it was cold.....but at high noon we decided it was time.
Carolyn and Sereele have already been out and about but it's been so long since Socks and I did anything aside from me blanketing or unblanketing him. I think he went into shock when I put him on the crossties! He also made a rotten face when I put his saddle on....oh boy...what am I getting myself into? All tacked up and ready to go...we went outside and I got on...what a rush to be on my horse again. I felt like a little girl getting on her pony for the first time, felt good. =)
We decided to attempt the trails via Maplewood Farm so up the street we went. Socks felt good and CB and Sereele walked up the street until we got into Ball Hill Rd. She (Sereele) was a bit pumped but was acting ok....spooky here and there, nothing too crazy. At the top of the hill near the driveway of Maplewood is a house that makes their own skating rink every year and the kids apparently seem to turn into evil monsters to the horses and they got pretty nervous hearing and seeing them. Sereele got scared and Socks decided to play chicken with a car coming down the road!!!!!! Ok, got passed that little scare and into the woods we go.....well....after Socks planted his feet in the driveway and wouldn't go despite Sereele and CB walking away....UGH. The woods were nice...snow wasn't bad and I picked up a little trot for 5 steps....woo hoo!!! Ha ha ha. Sereele was pumped pretty much the whole ride, she kept wanting to trot and finally we gave in and just trotted against our better judgements. We also, in our giddy frame of mind, decided to take a longer loop around the woods......bad idea.....we were pretty cold by the time we got to head back home. We also kept pointing out all the places where horrible things happened in the past years......ah, memories. Got out of the woods and back on the road and headed home. By the time we got in the barn, all thoughts of cleaning stalls and pastures were dashed. I was, for a better word, convulsing from the cold and CB was pretty cold herself. Stalls and pastures could wait for sure! So, we got out, survived, no one was hurt and we had a pretty good time anyhow. AND, we rode for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! On to bigger and better things I hope....and warmer days as well.