Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is here?

Well, it's definitely questionable as to whether or not summer is here. There have been many nights at the barn where we're in fleece jackets or sweatshirts to feed! Luckily, I believe we may have finally gotten what we've been asking for....80 degrees and humidity.
Lots of stuff has happened since the last post. CB and Judy have gone to Vermont twice now and have gotten to enjoy the trails up there.....despite the snow in April and the rain in June. CB is on a mission to get Mr. Legend in shape for some rides this year. Speedy is always ready. ;-) With the wedding behind me now and planning not in the way, I can now start focusing on Socks. He really hasn't done anything in about 2 months.....or even almost a year with his silly abscess problem. I did get to jump on his back on Saturday and ride through the trails a bit. They were pretty muddy and slippery but he was relatively good seeing as we haven't done anything and he was by himself. He's a goofy boy but in general, I do have fun with him. Hopefully, there will be more posts of our achievements!