Friday, May 25, 2012

The winds of change.....and a nasty wind at that...

Well, Survi is still rehabbing and still in his pen.  He is progressing so that's a good thing.  Zak is getting out for about an hour to graze in the afternoon and is loving it.  He's lost a good amount of weight from living in the babysitter pen next to Survi and looks much better being on the Prascend pergolide pills.  That being said, Socks is the latest to fall victim to the black cloud that seems to loom over the barn lately.  He went lame a few weeks ago, had an ultrasound at Tufts that confirmed a tear in his ligament attachment to his meniscus.  UGH!!  So, he too is getting hand grazed with Survi but he has to live in his stall all day.  Thank God he's a neat stall keeper!!  The tear is such that he will be going into Tufts for surgery next Friday.  It hasn't hit me yet that he's going in and even though it's not too big of a deal....arthroscopic scares me.  He can then start rehabbing as well.
More sad news.........CB has been having the nagging thought of what Sereele is up to and finally tried to get in touch with Norman.  His phone was disconnected and his e-mail was cancelled......she called the equine dentist that he referred to her to ask if he (Dave) had heard anything.  He had indeed.  He received an e-mail from Norman thanking him for his service but also adding that he wouldn't need him any longer as "we're all dead".  Norman had euthanized all of his horses including Sereele and then killed himself that night.  This all happened over the winter around January some time.  =(  How horrible! Very sad, sobering news. 
With any luck, this nasty wind of change switches in our favor again and a redeeming wind blows these damn clouds away!  I am totally up for planning a Pity Party for us all.  We could sit and eat and drink and feel pitiful for ourselves for a bit.