Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake Dennison

So, Sunday morning, bright and early, CB and I packed up the kids and headed out to Lake Dennison to ride with Becca and Lou. It always sounds like a good idea the night before....but that morning both of us were dead tired. Off we went anyhow. Socks loaded on the trailer like he was walking into a stall.....threw us both for a loop. He always takes a few tries to get on! Cool! The ride there was uneventful which is always a plus. We arrived and just as we unloaded, Becca and Lou showed up too. This would be Sonny's first time riding with us as he was kind of "broken" for all the Vermont rides. All the horses seemed pretty calm and we all tacked up and got ready to go. Poor Lou was a bit nervous and had her nervous coughs and Roo had his nervous diarrhea..we joked around saying it was ok as long as it wasn't the other way round!!! =0 Off we all went at a walk and we ran into Becca's cousin who informed us that the deerflies were on the warpath. UGH! Indeed they were! We walked a bit and then trotted with Lou and Bec in front. So far so good. Everyone was behaving it was great. As the ride went on and we all exchanged positions being first middle and last, we all trotted and it was great. There were a few bobbles with Sonny trying to misbehave a bit and Socks had some weird jumping/mega cantering but no harm done. We even trotted out 4 wide across the road! How awesome was that?!?!?!? We got back, untacked and gave the kids their lunches. Bec and Lou had quite the spread, cookies, crackers, soda, Gatorade......woo hoo! Everyone was chilled out until a crashing, bashing big ole trailer came down the road. The horses got a little spooked and Socks kept calling the horses.....he's such a social butterfly that one. Well, after they unloaded their horses, they unloaded their carriages!!! Time to jet outta there! Once again, Socks walked on the trailer like it was his room and Sereele self loaded as usual.....SIGH....someday maybe Socks will do that....We said our goodbyes and we headed home happy with the latest ride. We're making some real progress with our steeds! =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vermont Vacation!!!!! June 6th-June 12th

Well, where to begin?!? Of course, it was a rainy morning and Carolyn and I had packed pretty much everything the night before so only thing left to do was get the kids on the trailer and get outta Berlin! Of course, Socks was a nut on the crossties....but thankfully, went on the trailer with little fuss and of course Miss Sereele walked on no problemo! Time to hit the road!!! YAY! This was a special trip not only because it was vacation, but I had been keeping the fact that Judy was joining us up there from CB for many months.....hopefully it was to be a good surprise.
The trip up was pretty uneventful, thanks to not a lot of traffic and the pretzel M&M's I brought along. Our only exciting moment was the bridge that CB doesn't care for. Apparently, she really wanted to get over it as soon as possible because it felt like we took it at 100 MPH (just kidding, but it did seem fast). We were laughing over that for a bit....who knew we were going to an amusement park ride during the trip? ;-)
We arrived to Cowshed Cabin....in the pouring rain...and Becca and Lou had already made it up....and were hiding Judy. =) CB and I got out and got the kids in the stalls and settled. While CB was going over things with Marty the owner of the cabin, Lou and Becca were coming out with Judy sneaking behind them to the barn. Just as CB was finishing up with Marty, I stepped in front of CB and said, "We have a surprise for you..." and out popped Judy! What an awesome surprise and there were some happy tears shed...it proved to be a fun week. And then, Socks bonked me on the head....yay me.....thought I was going to have a big black eye! CB also had a surprise for us. She bought us all beads to wear in our horses' manes that had different meanings, hers was turquoise, for sure footedness, Lou got purple for calming, Becca got jade for hope and healing, Judy got garnet colored for courageousness and heart and I got amber...didn't have a meaning but I deemed it to control his feather brain as it had a metal feather and some bead feathers on mine. =)
The rain stopped enough for a quick ride around the "block" which was nice and lasted about an hour. Prior to that, we all went to Lindsay's for a BBQ. Terry Holland was there and did the cooking and as usual, Lindsay put out the welcome mat for us. We had so much food, chicken, burgers, red hot dogs, chips, cakes, fruit...the whole nine yards. We also got to see Magneto...what a big boy he is now and very handsome. We were also informed that Lindsay's friend Elna offered her TW horse Poppy for Judy to use. Very cool!
We were supposed to ride with Lindsay the next day but she had some things to do so we went out on our own and got to enjoy the roads and trails up there.....SIGH..why can't we have some nice dirt roads or trails near us?
Lindsay came with Cameo the next day and CB, Judy and I joined her for a nice ride. Cameo is a lovely girl and only a few short years ago, was a rearer and hard to ride. Lindsay gave us a great ride and is also a great tour guide as well, pointing out things of interest. I was pretty impressed that Socks was ok with riding with 3 other horses and doing relatively well. He thought that Poppy was very interesting to watch and he got severely annoying when he would stop and wait to see if everyone else was coming....like a herding dog!
I also got to ride with Becca and Cherokee so Lou could ride with CB. I had fun catching up with Bec and Cherokee is such a star! He got pulled out of retirement to go on the trip because Sonny was having some lameness issues.
Thursday it rained again so Lindsay played tour guide and we decided to go out to lunch and then to the Raptor Rehab center. We went to a nice little place and the food was pretty good. I ended up getting a BLT wrap instead of chicken fingers for once (CB got them instead). Off we went to VINS. The man in the store was very nice and Becca had found some $2 off coupons at the restaurant but not enough for the whole group but the man let us all have the discount. Cool! We got to see Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles and some barn owls and the screech owls. It was very interesting and I got a few pictures but most of them were blurry. We also went and watched a short program where they show you two of their birds. One was an owl, very pretty with huge eyes and a missing wing. The other was a hawk who couldn't fend for herself...had a bit of a head tilt but looked ok. It was very cool to see her interact with her handler. It showed how much they respected each other....and also how many mouse pieces it took to make the bird happy. ICK!
Friday, CB's aunt Lynda came up with her friend Ann and their horses Tonto and Tux. Unfortunately, Ann had an accident and fell off Tux and got a concussion! How scary. She was ok but didn't join us in our ride that day so it was just Lynda and her handsome boy. Lindsay brought Khadi with her this time......and also another friend of hers Barbara. So, this was a big group going out, Lindsay, Barbara, myself, CB, Lynda and Lou, who rode Poppy. Khadi was pretty hot and wanted to just go, kudos to Lindsay for making it look easy! Socks had a bit of an episode but got over it.....he wasn't too bad although I was convinced he was horrid, thank God for good friends who can set me straight. Lynda went back to change and we all got ready to go out to dinner, Ann joined us for that. We went to Spooner's and had a nice meal and to to talk with the ladies on their travels. What a cool trip that they were going on!
Well, Saturday came and, of course, it was raining. Guess it made it easier to leave...would have been harder if it was nice out. We packed up our belongings and loaded up the kids. And, just like he did when we got there, Socks popped me in the head again but this time bounced my head off the corner of the trailer door. Oh boy, stars! UGH! The ride home would have been uneventful had I put the muck tub in the trailer and not the back of CB's truck. We kept hearing thumping noises and I got nervous that someone was down or hurt or something but CB pointed out that it was too rhythmic to be a horse.....good point. Knowing that turning around I wouldn't be able to see the horses, I did so anyhow to see the muck tub bouncing in the breeze. So, we pulled over, I threw the tub in the trailer and voila, no more noise. UGH, again I say, what a dope I was. We got home, tired and depressed that we had to return to "normalcy" again but had some great memories.