Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake Dennison

So, Sunday morning, bright and early, CB and I packed up the kids and headed out to Lake Dennison to ride with Becca and Lou. It always sounds like a good idea the night before....but that morning both of us were dead tired. Off we went anyhow. Socks loaded on the trailer like he was walking into a stall.....threw us both for a loop. He always takes a few tries to get on! Cool! The ride there was uneventful which is always a plus. We arrived and just as we unloaded, Becca and Lou showed up too. This would be Sonny's first time riding with us as he was kind of "broken" for all the Vermont rides. All the horses seemed pretty calm and we all tacked up and got ready to go. Poor Lou was a bit nervous and had her nervous coughs and Roo had his nervous diarrhea..we joked around saying it was ok as long as it wasn't the other way round!!! =0 Off we all went at a walk and we ran into Becca's cousin who informed us that the deerflies were on the warpath. UGH! Indeed they were! We walked a bit and then trotted with Lou and Bec in front. So far so good. Everyone was behaving it was great. As the ride went on and we all exchanged positions being first middle and last, we all trotted and it was great. There were a few bobbles with Sonny trying to misbehave a bit and Socks had some weird jumping/mega cantering but no harm done. We even trotted out 4 wide across the road! How awesome was that?!?!?!? We got back, untacked and gave the kids their lunches. Bec and Lou had quite the spread, cookies, crackers, soda, Gatorade......woo hoo! Everyone was chilled out until a crashing, bashing big ole trailer came down the road. The horses got a little spooked and Socks kept calling the horses.....he's such a social butterfly that one. Well, after they unloaded their horses, they unloaded their carriages!!! Time to jet outta there! Once again, Socks walked on the trailer like it was his room and Sereele self loaded as usual.....SIGH....someday maybe Socks will do that....We said our goodbyes and we headed home happy with the latest ride. We're making some real progress with our steeds! =)

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