Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So, I'm back and writing this out again. A LOT has happened since my last post for sure!
July 18, 2014, I lost my best friend. Zak's leg just got worse and the decision to euthanize him in the fall was made. He could enjoy his summer and we could spend that time together and not worry too much. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be. Zak went very, very lame and I decided that it was time. I spoiled him rotten that morning. He had alfalfa and cookies. Mom bought him some sugar cookies and he just about ate the whole bucket of them! He had all his friends with him at the end. By the grace of God, he went swiftly but gently and that was thanks to Dr. Nostrant and crew. There's a big empty space in my heart that will never be filled. It's not the same without him but we've moved on. He's around I'm sure.
We welcomed back Judy and her horse Flash to Long Run. She and CB finally got to do some rides! CB's horse Hope is a good girl. She's green but trusts CB.
The "babies" are getting big as well. Pacino is 14.2 and Rio is 14.1-ish already! They're still little rascals when they want to be but they are definitely growing up for sure. Both have had a saddle on their back without any fuss and both load on and off a horse trailer like pros. They're going to be 2 this year!!!!! Holy moly!
I also decided to get back into riding again come Hell or high water so I went back to Debbie Baldelli for lessons. I ride a cute little old Arab who is teaching me a ton! I've learned so much since August and my confidence has grown tenfold! I've also gotten the ok to try and do some light riding with Socks. This weather certainly hasn't helped much but my goal this spring is to be able to do, at least, a 20-30 minute trail ride.
So, we'll see where 2015 leads us..............