Monday, April 27, 2009


We had a great weekend! friday I took Sereele for a walk alone again and she was much much better. no screaming at all. nervous, but good. just went to rainville's field and let her eat the lush grass and she was very happy. on the way back Wickstrom's had their big white sign out and she almost fell to the ground in fear, but we made it past, it didn't eat her. the next day chris and I did the 7 mile loop! I led her past rainvilles who were pulling logs out of the wood with their tractor (with the help of brave socks) and then up the street a little and got on. she was afraid of all the little "elect so and so" signs so was in the middle of the road alot. we trotted some on the side and socks went first into the dirt road. I asked chris to trot slowly, but socks wanted to either gallop or shuffle, so I passed and she went first up the dirt road and only spooked once, and not a big deal. I really thought she would be scared of all the blind corners and scary logs. she continues to surprise me. we went down the trail, mostly walking with some trotting. when Sereele was first she was pulling to go faster, I had to half halt her alot:). when she was second she was tripping, have to work on her paying attention to the ground when following. we went through the ever growing private dump area and out to the street. I got off to lead her for a while and noticed socks was very sweaty, but sereele wasn't sweating at all. she was puffing though, oh no - anhidrosis! oh, socks is puffing too. but weird that she only sweated under her saddle. a little worried about it, it was our hottest day so far in the 80's. anyway walked for a mile or so and got back on and trotted some to get home. the 7 miles took over 2 hours. exhausting going so slow! poor Chris was wiped out - no sleep, very hot, long ride. figured I over did it with sereele so gave her the next day off (oh no! road founder and sprained suspensories!) and it ended up that chris had to go into work anyway. so sunday I led her up to rainvilles and she was good again, no screaming, but sort of unsettled and prancy on the way home. tonight I found a little black spot on her throat latch area. oh no - melanoma! chris and I have to lighten up, every little thing our horses do we are freaking out that they are dying. is sock's poop dry? he only drank 4 inches instead of 5 inches of water last night. he took a bad step. blah blah blah, we will soon drive each other insane. or we may have already arrived:) but I think we are having a pretty good trip anyway where ever we are headed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

amost perfect?

well chris and I have been having some exciting rides. averaging 3 MPH, chris even had bugs stuck in her teeth yesterday due to the break neck speed. as always chris and socks are very entertaining to ride with. which is a good thing considering the pace we are setting. I am so thrilled with sereele and her good nature. she has been perfect every time I've ridden her. chris is doing some ring work in preparation for her intro tests in weston on May 3rd. they look good! she even cantered in the ring for the first time in a year! we are crazy, I know, but you only live once, haha. Sereele has put on some weight and is losing her angular appearance. she is very sweet and trusting and is putting up with everything. she only spooked once when socks started dragging a huge fallen tree with his leg. and I couldn't help laugh when he almost walked straight in to a tree later. we met some people walking/carrying a little dog and sereele was first and handled it fine. little things I know, but she's been a star. she loves Zak and I think the feeling is mutual, wish they could be turned out together (I think). but another mare is coming is may 1st so she will be her pasture mate. hopefully Haley will be gone.....still no contact from Patti. last I heard she was on a religious retreat. hmmm.
I decided to take Sereele for a walk alone on saturday, she was very unhappy about that. she is very stuck on her horse friends and I don't think has ever been alone. so she screamed for a mile and threw her head around and was all over the street. very scared and nervous. finally shut up for about 15 seconds and I turned for home. she did better on the way home, but still a wreck. so this is what I will have to work on with her. I think she will be ok after a while, she is very sensible and seems to figure things out. once she accepts me as her "buddy" I think she will be perfect!! we even trotted a couple of steps here and there on the trail ride and there and she was excellent. very bouncy! so the journey with her has been fun, good thing because it will be along one to our destination of a 50 mile endurance ride!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

best girl!

Started out today showing Indy to a young girl and her very nice family. Chris rode with her a bit in the ring, Indy was very forward and socks was very sideways. then they went up the street for a short trail ride. apparently there was an invisible monstor in MW's driveway and they did and spin and bolt together, but nothing out of control and Valerie was not upset by it. in the meantime the house across the street seemed to be setting off fireworks or something so I called Chris on her cell and they came back home through the back pasture. Valerie really seems to like Indy, I think the only thing is his potential soundness.
Then I tacked up Sereele and chris ventured out with us down Linden street to the main trail. a little prodding was necessary for socks who was quite confused about having to go out AGAIN. sereele was understandably nervous, lots of wind and horses and twirly things and a big rock. but she was very good walking behind her fearless leader socks. I got on in the woods and she was wonderful again. went up the main trail, she went first over a little stonewall with a muddy stream on the other side. went second most of the way. a dog came barking so socks took up the rear to protect her and she was fine. out through Lisa terell's and her gelding came barrelling up, serelle did a little run forward but stopped right away and was very good. I got off and led her the rest of the way home. so proud. for a nervous little girl, she is very very good. at one point I said there was a motor cycle coming, chris said no it's 2, no it's 3, no it's 4, OK it's like 10. there was a fire on the other side and someone walking a dog too. She was fine! nice harely people who slowed down and were kind. I am so happy with her. and chris rode for 3 1/2 hours, a record! thank you Chris for everything, I am very lucky to have you as my friend!