Sunday, April 5, 2009

best girl!

Started out today showing Indy to a young girl and her very nice family. Chris rode with her a bit in the ring, Indy was very forward and socks was very sideways. then they went up the street for a short trail ride. apparently there was an invisible monstor in MW's driveway and they did and spin and bolt together, but nothing out of control and Valerie was not upset by it. in the meantime the house across the street seemed to be setting off fireworks or something so I called Chris on her cell and they came back home through the back pasture. Valerie really seems to like Indy, I think the only thing is his potential soundness.
Then I tacked up Sereele and chris ventured out with us down Linden street to the main trail. a little prodding was necessary for socks who was quite confused about having to go out AGAIN. sereele was understandably nervous, lots of wind and horses and twirly things and a big rock. but she was very good walking behind her fearless leader socks. I got on in the woods and she was wonderful again. went up the main trail, she went first over a little stonewall with a muddy stream on the other side. went second most of the way. a dog came barking so socks took up the rear to protect her and she was fine. out through Lisa terell's and her gelding came barrelling up, serelle did a little run forward but stopped right away and was very good. I got off and led her the rest of the way home. so proud. for a nervous little girl, she is very very good. at one point I said there was a motor cycle coming, chris said no it's 2, no it's 3, no it's 4, OK it's like 10. there was a fire on the other side and someone walking a dog too. She was fine! nice harely people who slowed down and were kind. I am so happy with her. and chris rode for 3 1/2 hours, a record! thank you Chris for everything, I am very lucky to have you as my friend!

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  1. No problemo! I get to get out too and fight with Socks the Fierce.....or Dumb one or the other...ha ha ha!