Monday, April 20, 2009

amost perfect?

well chris and I have been having some exciting rides. averaging 3 MPH, chris even had bugs stuck in her teeth yesterday due to the break neck speed. as always chris and socks are very entertaining to ride with. which is a good thing considering the pace we are setting. I am so thrilled with sereele and her good nature. she has been perfect every time I've ridden her. chris is doing some ring work in preparation for her intro tests in weston on May 3rd. they look good! she even cantered in the ring for the first time in a year! we are crazy, I know, but you only live once, haha. Sereele has put on some weight and is losing her angular appearance. she is very sweet and trusting and is putting up with everything. she only spooked once when socks started dragging a huge fallen tree with his leg. and I couldn't help laugh when he almost walked straight in to a tree later. we met some people walking/carrying a little dog and sereele was first and handled it fine. little things I know, but she's been a star. she loves Zak and I think the feeling is mutual, wish they could be turned out together (I think). but another mare is coming is may 1st so she will be her pasture mate. hopefully Haley will be gone.....still no contact from Patti. last I heard she was on a religious retreat. hmmm.
I decided to take Sereele for a walk alone on saturday, she was very unhappy about that. she is very stuck on her horse friends and I don't think has ever been alone. so she screamed for a mile and threw her head around and was all over the street. very scared and nervous. finally shut up for about 15 seconds and I turned for home. she did better on the way home, but still a wreck. so this is what I will have to work on with her. I think she will be ok after a while, she is very sensible and seems to figure things out. once she accepts me as her "buddy" I think she will be perfect!! we even trotted a couple of steps here and there on the trail ride and there and she was excellent. very bouncy! so the journey with her has been fun, good thing because it will be along one to our destination of a 50 mile endurance ride!

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