Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/5/10 HEAT WAVE..............

So, lately, the temperature has been pretty oppresive. We've had high humidity and high temps in the 90's or so. I opted out of riding for the weekend of the 4th but decided that I should probably make some feeble attempt at riding seeing as my wonderful orange steed needs to work or his brain fizzles. At any rate, I showed up at the barn in the late afternoon and decided that bareback was the way to go. CB showed up and we "tacked" up our horses and off we went. Well, I had to get on Socks first and that was a challenge as he decided it was too hot for a rider and didn't want to stand still next to the bucket so I could get on. Finally, after a bit of manuevering, we were one! CB walked Sereele up to the usual spot on Ball Hill Rd before getting on. I must say I was a bit nervous as the only time I usually ride bareback is the winter where there's snow to "cushion" the fall but there I was, sitting astride my boy and riding stirrup-less! The horse flies were horrid and at one point, CB said "Let's move out a bit..." and we picked up a nice little jog up the street. I commented on how we had regressed to 9 year old status again as lately we've been VERY wimpy about our riding abilities. CB and Sereele have come leaps and bounds and are a great pair! =) Sereele has been doing great lately, trailering alone, riding alone and with larger groups and without any fuss. YAY! Well, we only ventured halfway to the Mt. Pisgah opening and turned around to go home. I got off of Socks at Maplewood to handwalk home and boy were my legs dirty from riding him! YIKES! He was a very good boy and only acted up at Maplewood by trying to go in the driveway there instead of up the street. He wasn't bad for handwalking home either which is something I don't usually like to do. I must say that I've been having fun with this horse this year and I'm glad that CB and Sereele are there to share my adventures with.

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