Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seeqret's secrets.....and other stuff.....

Ok, so, Carolyn and I trekked out last weekend again. Once again, the cars on the road were unbelievable....traffic in Berlin WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? Anywho, Seek was pumped as usual. He's much better in the woods. Carolyn tried the German martingale on him this time. We've come to the conclusion that when he gets scared or spooked, he gets.....shall we say...um, silly. Totally not a malicious boy, just a bit on the dramatic side. He was a bit on the naughty side for the ride but Carolyn is returning to her Mad Hacker roots and did very well with him. It also helped that Socks was better behaved and wasn't channeling Zak-isms like he did last week. UGH!
Sunday afternoon we also went out. Carolyn tried a bit on Seek this time and decided to take a step back with him. He was a different horse! He was pretty quiet and seemed to understand what she was asking of him turning wise and stopping wise. Also, just had the standing martingale on. He didn't feel as trapped. We only walked down the street with the boys. They were good and only spooked (as we did as well) when the Golden Doodley dog down the road came barking and growling at us. Other than that....not a bad outing.
At home, we decided that maybe Seek could use a friend again. Perhaps, he needs to learn to be a horse? Zak to the rescue again.....this time, he meant business. The first time Seek and Zak went out, Seeker kept aggravating Zak and of course, Zak took it. Not this time! Zak was all about not being disturbed from his hay. Most of the kicks he swatted at Seeker were done without him even taking his head up from his hay! Ha ha ha! That's my talented boy! Who knew that Zak would tell someone off? It must be the fact that he's turned into a grumpy old coot who doesn't want to deal with damn kids anymore. Ha ha ha! So, hopefully, we're still going in a forward direction with these beasties. I've been having a blast riding Socks. He's such a good boy and I hope to get some lessons under my belt and get back into that show ring again...we'll see......

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