Saturday, February 21, 2009

joining AA - alfalfaohlics anonymous

I stopped Seekers alfalfa a week ago hoping maybe it was the cause of some of his idiocy and hyper reactiveness. I was never a believer that alfalfa affected them mentally, but now I am. Today I hand walked him up the street as usual with Chris and Socks and he was a different horse. much more the sweet horse I thought I bought. I had on his snaffle and saddle and he never reared, he did swing his head and do a little hop maybe twice at the beginning and that was it. I did smack him once when he started being stupid which surprised him. he walked along the whole way, not nearly as nervous. I was even able to trot beside him for a few steps with my arm over his back without him expolding. He is still very energetic and "eager" but didn't have any tantrums or loose his mind at all. so he has a stay of execution. He is out with socks now and after biting him in the butt 100 times and socks giving him one good kick they are fine. He just has to learn to control his teeth but I think that will come with age and the complete absence of testosterone. last weekend socks was beside us and seeqret was trying to bite him, looked like a shark going for chris's leg. Lots of thanks to Chris (and socks) for putting up with us....
socks was grumpy while being tacked up but was perfect once chris got on. he is probably so bored with our walks up the street. hopefully some day we will actually go down a trail and maybe even TROT. you gotta dream. bad weather tomorrow so we won't be able to get out. oh and chris held him while I sat on him in the barn when we got back. he was fine. I am getting my hopes up again that I will be able to handle him as long as I take it slowly.

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