Friday, February 13, 2009

2 steps back

my update on last weekend's ride. chris did a nice job story telling, I want to post my feeling so I can look back and remember. we headed down linden again to get to the snowmobile trails and ride "uphill" where I feel safer. after reading alot on the internet about controlling head tossing that can escalate to rearing I ordered a German Martingale and decided to try it out. Seeqret was very hyper on the walk down the street, he almost kicked a car (almost wish he did the idiots) pranced sideways the whole way, was biting and hopping up. once we got into the woods I got on after a couple of circles and he did really well. went down a steep hill and he was having a hard time, almost sitting down, unhappy but did it. I got off and led him past the spot where he had inadvertently jumped in the pond the weekend before. I got back on and we were speed walking along and he suddenly did is head toss and reared. he got over it pretty quickly, then did it again and this time went up very high. I wasn't prepared and my gloves were slipping on the reins and I could feel myself holding onto the reins but couldn't stop. then he proceeded to do a few crow hop rears, it felt very bad like a bronco. as he was going up for maybe the 3rd time I said "oh crap!" and I almost fell off. he stopped and I rode him about a mile out to Mt Pisquah without any more major issues. I realize in hindsight that the german martingale made him feel trapped by pulling his head in so much and when he was nervous and reared and my holding on really exacerbated the issue so he went higher and harder. I have decided to step back and start over with the basics. I need to gain his confidence and respect. so will do more in hand walking and just get to know each other. then will start him under saddle in the ring once the footing is better. I have rethought my goals and at this point I hope just to be able to ride him this summer without being terrified that he is going to flip over backwards on me. if all goes well, maybe even a dressage show:). on a good note, he was very good turned out with Zak. no more stallion stuff. we will get there eventually! right now I am thinking that I made a big mistake buying him. I hope to look back on this note and laugh because he has turned into the horse of my dreams.....

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