Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad news vs. Good news

UGH! Socks twisted his shoe almost off the other night. This is usually a lameness sentence for him until we can get his shoe back on. He gets digital pulses and is all around miserable. Anywho, he walked in just fine and CB took off his shoe completely.
He stood on his bare foot without wincing!!!!! He even stood on it to paw with the shod foot! I also noticed that there is some concavity to his sole!!!! WOO HOO! Tim is coming out today to reshoe thank goodness but even last night, Socks walked in no problem and there were no pulses!
I'm really excited about his feet looking so good. I want to pick up with him where we left off in 2006 when he was ruined by that stupid farrier before Tim. He's so much fun to ride and is a big love. Now, if only I could post some pictures of before and after.........

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