Friday, January 23, 2009

98 miles to go!

chris and I rode today, took advantage of our one day of January thaw this year, I think it was close to 40º! chris got 2 hours of sleep after working the night shift and I will work tonight, it was worth it. we haven't been able to do anything with the horses for at least 2 weeks due to the frigid temps and icy footing. couldn't even walk them out of my driveway. My plan for Seek is to ride him at the walk for 100 miles before really getting him going. i've been on him twice before, the first time he was very nervous, it was his first time in the woods, but he did great until we came to some ice, he didn't want to stop, I did, and he reared up. scared me unfortunately. I jumped off and led him a little and got back on and he was fine. he won't stand when being mounted and does little hops, but after circling him a few times he has figured out he needs to stand still if he wants to get moving again! the second time we rode I stayed on longer, we went up the main trail and he was a star, very very good. went over water, ice, rocks, ditches. Understandably today he was very revved up and spooky. Chris rode bareback, she is now the mad hacker and I am the paranoid wimp. I led seek up to mt pisquah in northboro, we went past tree cutters who politely turned off the chain saws and the usual a-hole drivers. there was a very scary mailbox that he has seen 20 times but today it was apparently transformed into a little bay horse eating monster. he was dancing around alot and biting me like crazy which he does when he's nervous. we got to the woods and there is no way I can lead him in the snow, too exhausting so I got on and off we went! he felt explosive but didn't misbehave, just power walked at 100 miles per hour and threw in a jig here and there. I saw a guy and his dog up ahead so being the brave and fearless horse trainer, I jumped off. his heart was pounding but he was fine passing them. I got back on and he stood like an angel for 2-3 seconds! off we went powerwalking, up a big hill that socks decided he needed to gallop up, so chris has walked, trotted and cantered bareback! seeker was good with him racing up behind. but when socks snorted he would spook, he was nervous and excited but good. then he lost it a little and started head swinging and throwing himself off balance which I hate since KC fell on me doing that. so again I got off (I'm older now and break easier) walked him a little and got back on and we rode the rest of the way out like he was a good old cow pony! so I figure I've ridden him 2 miles in 2 months - a world record! If we survive the "breaking in period" I really think he is going to be outstanding. he has a ton of energy, lovess to go out, seems pretty speedy, is very brave and has a good heart (physically and metaphorically!). he learns fast and really tries to do the right thing. Thanks Chris for putting up with me making a 5 mile ride last 2 hours!

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  1. Yahoo! I had a blast today and even survived that hill!!!!!