Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Welcome 2009!!!! 2008 was a bit lousy. Carolyn faced the fact that she had to "retire" Indy from endurance, I was still battling Socks' lamenesses after shoeing and Judy and Speedy had to leave us for warmer climates. =( All in all, we look forward to moving on and persevering.

On a lighter note, Long Run Farm got a new resident. Seeqret is a 4 year old bay Arab who has a great personality and plenty of spunk. He was recently gelded and had some problems with his recovery but with a few phone calls and e-mails from Lindsay (thank you!), the surgeon and Carolyn's vet Amy, he's doing well and is ready to learn the ropes!

As for the rest of the residents, they're doing fine. Socks has been doing great and hasn't been lame (knock on wood). Zak is, well, Zak. He's fat, fuzzy and has a 'tude. Indy has been doing well and is taking after good ole Uncle Zak because he's getting a little belly to match. Razz has been trying to keep everyone in line and Rocky keeps us smiling.

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