Friday, February 1, 2013

Check your baggage!

Well, it's official. Miss Kharma is starting to get a little bagged up in her udder! It's a teensy bit but it's definitely there! She now has a bigger stall to have her baby in thanks to Speedy donating some of his to her. Thanks Uncle Speedy! =) She's getting more and more comfortable with Carolyn touching her all over too. She's also getting better with the farrier as well. It's all a very good thing!
We're still awaiting Miss Roxie's return to Long Run Farm from her training in Orange Massachusetts. She's been a good student for Peter and she seems to catch on rather quickly although being a girl, she does have her opinions. ;-) She'll be home soon to tell us all about it!
As for the boys of Long Run.....well, they're all fat and seemingly happy. I say seemingly as Zak is always grumpy in the winter anyways. Zak has been moving pretty good on his supplement and we await Dr. Heidi's arrival next week to draw his blood for his ACTH level recheck. With any luck, we can reduce his pergolide dose to one pill a day instead of two. My checkbook would absolutely LOVE that! Speedy has been going out for rides here and there. Our weather has not been very cooperative at all for riding though. It's either FREEZING or extremely muddy or icy or both. Socks seems to be moving well and is very happy to be out with friends. He was covered in dried mud last night and I curried his body and in my haste to find my horse under the coating, I curried his stifle that had the surgery. He didn't even flinch! YAHOO!

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