Friday, January 18, 2013

Catching up......

Well, Roxie is off to training and learning well. She's been round penning and such and learning to wear a person on her back. =) Kharma is getting bigger...and her belly is getting closer to the ground. Carolyn got a stall camera and we had some fun setting that up. Now she can see the big event when it comes time. That is, of course, unless Miss Kharma waits until 4 a.m. to have the little weenie tot. As for the rest of the scoundrels at Long Run Farm...Speedy is, well, speedy, Zak is back on his old supplement and moving great and Socks and I went for walks this past weekend with Carolyn and Kharma. Saturday was just a handwalk with tack on as he was a bit too hyped up for me but Sunday I was on his back to go "around the block". Let's hope that this is a better year than 2012!!!

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