Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok, so, we've been a bit lax in our postings....hee hee hee. So, CB, Sereele, Socks and I made the big trek down to Carver on June 6th. Unfortunately, it poured out on the Friday that we were supposed to leave so CB and I got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to head down. OH MAN! Kids loaded on the trailer well. We decided to see if Socks likes the drivers side better than the passenger side. He's been having little meltdowns lately. It worked well and both Sereele and Socks traveled well.
No one told us that Myles Standish's Boy Scout Camp is in the middle of nowhere in Myles Standish Forest!!!!!!! We got to the main gate and drove down these non-descript roads for what seemed like forever. Roads to nowhere!!!!!!! Finally, we came upon the campsite and Becca guided us in past the mucky, boggy parts so we could park next to them for the night. I'm also forgetting to mention that it was still very overcast, windy, and cold there.
We unloaded the kids, made up their pen for the night and they settled in okay. WHEW! Now, what to do....should we ride, should we wait for the sun that was promised? We ride! We all tack up and get ready to go down a separate trail from the main one that they mapped out. It was too many miles for Sereele so we figured we would go out on our own. Unfortunately, Roo was a bit of an oaf and was misbehaving. Becca tried to ride him too and told us to just go without her.
So, off we went down this beautiful sandy trail. The horses were pretty relaxed and I even used the hackamore on Socks that day. His steering was a bit of a problem so we went with the bitted bridle the next day. Ride was great and CB and I really enjoyed it. We did have a run-in with a terradactyl (aka a turkey) but other than that, the ride was pretty uneventful. YAY!
We got back to the camp and were chilling out, CB and I were enjoying a beverage and apparently they went straight to our heads as we were hysterically laughing at Sereele staring at us. We also though Socks pooping was too funny. Yikes, we need sleep! Ha ha ha! We also were laughing at all the people that belonged to the riding club sponsoring the ride. At the meal times, they all had trays to bring to the "mess hall"! It was like watching hungry zombies in action. Very weird!
We all ended up going to bed rather early....I was exhausted not having a lot of sleep prior to leaving. My work schedule is fun like that. UGH!
Morning broke and it was time to go out and ride again. Once again, CB and I had a good ride. We followed the trail markers this time and we did the 10 miles!!!! Woo hoo! The sun actually peeked out too. The trails were very nice and I had a good time!
Time to leave.....packed up our stuff and loaded up the crew. Once again, they loaded pretty well and Socks again traveled okay. YAY! We made it alive through our first camping trip.
Our only bad tidbits were that both Sereele and Socks are complete klutzes and kept tripping constantly and at one point, Socks fell to his knees and sat there, contemplating life or something, before he stood back up and went on his merry way. Weird! AND, I have a strong dislike for portapotties! Ha ha ha!
It was a good time hopefully the weather will be better!

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