Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back in the saddle....riding lesson time!

So, Claudia came back for our second lesson. Time to kick butt! She also brought her daughter Corinne to ride Sereele for CB. Socks has been learning quickly but gets easily frustrated with ringwork. Not too much fun when he gets that way too. =(
We worked on learning that one leg on means to move around it, and two means go. He has a hard time with this concept but did relatively well. Corinne LOVED CB's saddle and Sereele looked very nice going along. Claudia suggested a bit change for Sereele and it made a big difference for her. It was good to show CB what Sereele will do if pushed to do something she may not be too crazy about doing. She handles things well and never really did anything naughty at all. We did have a scary moment when Corinne was going across the middle of our riding ring and Sereele fell to her knees and kept scrambling across! She looked like a large gray crab, poor little girl! She got back up no worse for the wear but poor CB was understandably upset and worried. After seeing her girl was ok, the lesson continued.
Claudia wanted me to canter today! OMG!!!!!! The trotting was going pretty well and he was having some really nice moments. She told me to ask for the canter and Socks proceeded to crow hop/buck about three times before departing fully into the canter. What a jerk! So, she had me ask again, same corner and same crow hop/buck except only two times. What a jerk! I had to ask a third time, and, you guessed it, he crow hopped/bucked but only once. What a jerk! Ha ha ha. I'm glad he finally did something naughty and I got through it. I was still shaking like a leaf when I got off of him but I felt redeemed. I plan on having more lessons as soon as the weather decides to cooperate. He hates them with a vengeance but it will be good for the long run!

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