Friday, June 8, 2012

And so it begins...........

So, Socks' surgery went well and he even trailered to and from Tufts wonderfully thanks to 1 mL of acepromazine IM.  Guess I'll have to use that to take off "the edge".  Of course it was a rainy day getting him  home and it's been pretty rainy ever since with a hail/thunderstorm yesterday.  YIKES!  At any rate, he's to have "strict" stall rest although I can hand graze him for a bit.  Survi, on the other hand, is getting walked about 40 minutes a day to keep his rehabbing on track.  He has another ultrasound soon to see if he can have a bigger paddock.  That will be exciting for him.  Socks can have a small, stall sized pen if I want and I'll probably do that once his stitches come out in a week or so.  That will help his little brain immensely if he can be outside with his "buddies".  Then, in another week, he too can start a walking regimen starting with 5 minutes a day and working our way up to 20 minutes a day.  He'll be happy to be able to do something and I'll be that much closer to riding again.  Hopefully CB will be riding again too in the near future!  As for now, we're planning a "Pity Party" and hope to see everyone from the "old" crowd to commiserate with us.

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