Friday, March 18, 2011

Winds of change again.............

So, here we are in March.....a lot has happened in a short time! Miss Sereele went to her new home with Norman last Saturday and seems to be settling in with her new friends. Carolyn has found a new friend as well. Please welcome WOW The Black Legend....or Legend as he is called. His granddad is Cass Ole who played The Black in the movie The Black Stallion! Very cool! He seems to be a good boy and a very promising mount for CB. Herd dynamics are pretty funny though....Legend is over Socks, who is over Zak, who is over Legend....they go in circles. I've been able to finally get a few rides on Socks too. I got the ok to start under saddle at the walk back in January but Mother Nature had other plans for us. BOOOOO! So, CB and I have been just walking up the street. She needs to learn/bond with Legend and I need to rehab Socks so it works out nicely. We went out yesterday despite it being a bit chilly. Socks was a total poke...I rode on the buckle nearly the entire ride! =) Hopefully, the snow continues to melt and the mud dries up a bit so we can venture into the trails.

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