Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Healing processes......slow but forward...

So, CB and Judy came back from Colorado horseless, but I'll let them tell that story as I wasn't there. =)
Socks went back to Tufts for his 4 week recheck on his collateral ligament to make sure it was healing correctly. He's been in a roundpen since he came home from Tufts. He hasn't been very happy alone all day either. Sereele came with him as she was having a myelogram done. It was a confusing day and the communication was a bit askew leaving me to escort CB and Sereele to her stall. Finally, I got to bring Socks to the ultrasound room to be checked. Well, he was screaming for Sereele who was screaming back so we had a bit of sedation......which he blew through...and then a bit more. Ah.....relaxation. Dr. Chope palpated his elbow first checking on the leftover bump from his abscess. She said it may be just something that stays and will be a cosmetic defect. No big deal to me. She did the ultrasound and was happy to report that the ligament seemed to be doing very well. Guess it was pretty bad right before he left to come home. YIKES! So, he got the ok to go in the "big boy" paddock with his brother and Sereele and let him acclimate himself to that for 2 weeks. If, in two weeks, he seems fine and not bothered, I can then ride at the walk! Looks like a lot of walking and with gradually adding in the trot, he should be all set to really work by late spring. WHEW! It's been such a chore with him being isolated and alone worrying about his leg. Now, if he'll only grow some hair on his leg where it was shaved.....that would be nice.

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