Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fall fell =(

CB has continually tried to work Sereele out of her tripping. She's fine and then, without warning or really any reason sometimes, she would fall to her knees. It was very unsettling. So, she tried a barefoot trimmer, who skipped out on her, and then a farrier who put some shoes back on her, and hurt her....UGH! Poor Sereele was off for a while after he got a hold of her. What a jerk that guy was. Then, CB tried a different vet for a second opinion. He did some lameness exams on her and suggested a myelogram as one of her sides (the right?) seemed off. So, a neurology exam was scheduled at Tufts and away we went with Sereele alone in the trailer. What a trooper she was! She was definately nervous but trailered well. At Tufts, Dr. Bedenice performed the neuro exam. She could almost pull Sereele over with the tail tug at the walk and trot! YIKES! So, they took her to radiology for some neck x-rays to further investigate things. After a while, Dr. Bedenice came out with some preliminary news saying that they're pretty sure that there was a narrowing of Sereele's spinal column but they would have the specialists look at the rads too. They also have ortho do a lameness exam on Sereele and Dr. Jenei didn't really see anything that would pose as a lameness orthopedic-wise. Then, they showed us the rads and explained things to CB. It was a decrease in the diameter of the spinal column at the 4th vertebrae. Wobblers Syndrome. It was suggested that CB not ride her anymore to avoid any injuries that could occur to both her and Sereele if she had a really bad fall and they also suggested a myelogram to be totally sure. Although it was a point of closure for CB it was a heartwrenching discovery. How could it be that this pretty little mare have to be retired at the age of 5? She opted out of the myelogram. It's very invasive and would just tell her the same news. Her prognosis was fair to good. She may not have any problems at all or may get some arthritis in her neck down the line. So, with that, Sereele retired with her buddy Zak and hangs out eating, sleeping and getting loves. But, this leaves CB looking for another horse and so the next saga shopping.

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