Monday, October 26, 2009

The Crankmonster!!!!!

Ugh! I guess I should have stayed in bed and so should have Socks! I fed early Sunday morning as always and I should have known that it was going to be a bad day. He made faces and wouldn't let me put the lead around him to take him out to the pasture. Whatever! Fast forward a couple of hours later when CB and I are ready to go on the ride in Shirley...our last big hurrah....Socks takes one look at me coming to catch him and he walks away!!! Jerk! I get him on the crossties and he's pawing and being obnoxious.....oh yay! Now, it's time to go on the trailer.....hasn't been much of a problem as of late but that day was a totally different story!!!! He PLANTED his feet and wouldn't even get on the ramp of the trailer. GRRRRR! I hate when he does this. I got a whip and so did CB, and that just progressed him to the jumping around like we're stabbing him with hot pokers level......totally losing patience at this point. CB takes him and he's a total jerk for her too. Finally, after about 40 minutes, yep, you read that right, 40 minutes, he got on the other side of the trailer.....whatever...he's on! On to Shirley! We get to our ride and he's drenched in sweat. I have no idea why he's having such a meltdown with riding on the's not like CB is a crazy driver! ;) We get Sereele off (CB will write later on how wonderful that little girl was!) and then, just as we're about to let Socks off, a horse bolts across the field we're all parked in! At this point, I figured it was best to have him get upset off the trailer and not in it so off he went. Fine. He then progressed to maniacally eating the grass like he's never had a meal in his life! Not happy! I started tacking up....not a big deal, until the bridle....he clenched his teeth and wouldn't take the bit..not even for a piece of carrot! REALLY?!?!?!? Finally, after much head tossing and backing up and pretending he felt the need to bolt too, I got the bridle on! Now, I have to get on this crazy beast....I must be crazy myself! I mount up...he feels like a loaded spring...."I'm going to die on this ride" I think to myself. We start off and it's a ways down a paved road to the we're going, he calms down....oooh, there's hope yet! The trails were pretty nice and he was a good boy in them....some were a bit rocky and some were a bit muddy and we did ok.......until.....the apple orchard. Something in his little brain snapped again and he was psycho....spooking at car noises on the road, yanking the reins out of my hands to eat grass, trotting at a breakneck pace (which he can't do comfortably like Zak can) and just all around not listening to me at all. I was so annoyed with him and then, we came to a hill. Oh boy. As we're "trotting" up the hill, not listening to me, and hating the fact that he couldn't bolt up the hill like a rocketship, we pass a couple of houses. One of those houses had a dog.....and that dog HOWLED! Yay, that revved him up even more...not to mention, we lost sight of any of the markers telling us where to go. UGH! Finally, we find some markers and around the corner is a photographer. Cool! Could we stand still for even one picture? Absolutely not! We side passed (beautifully I might add but not what I was asking for), we backed up, we made heinous faces, we went in circles, we went under a low tree branch but we didn't pose for the pictures....Sereele on the other hand, is such a good girl and I can't wait to see the pics of her! Onward! The rest of the ride wasn't bad...we got back into the woods and he seems to like that better. We came across some logs and I thought for sure he would jump them....well, he did.....sideways! REALLY?!?!?!? I wasn't even aware that a horse could do that! Mine can! UGH! I can't complain about his behavior for the rest of the ride.....we went 12 miles and he was tired. However, he was a jerk once we got back to the trailer. He just didn't want to stand still, wouldn't let me get something to eat or drink, and then progressed to screaming. WTF?!? CB kindly let me hold her angel (she was soooooo good, I'm so happy for CB and Sereele), and got us some food. For some reason, both horses, mostly Socks, wanted the pizza we were eating but when CB relented and gave Socks the crust, he spit it out like it was poison. Dork! Time to get on the trailer to go home.....CB gave him a cookie and he spit that out at her like the pizza crust! That was kind of funny given the kind of day I was having with him because he spit it out on her shoe. Ok, lets go in the trailer.......oh Hell no! We got him all the way on, but not enough and he backed up and out. I was about to tie him to the back of the trailer and have him run home! ;) We tried putting him on the other side and he finally got on. Whatever, he's on! However, Sereele decided that that side was hers and actually balked getting on the trailer! It was only for a second though. We were joking around that the two horses were like little kids on a road trip.."He's on my side!"...."She's touching me!"........."He took my snack!"...."She's looking at me!". The trip home was uneventful but he was still a bit sweaty on the trailer. I have no idea why he's's a roomy ride. UGH! Well, I survived, and so did he......guess it's time to do some more groundwork to let him know who's boss again. I did have fun though despite his total lack of working brain cells. I just chalk it up to experience.....a year ago I wouldn't have gotten on him so at least my confidence is coming back in leaps and bounds......think it's because I'm just getting pissed off, ha ha ha. Anyway, I'll look back at this and laugh......right? =)

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